Dear Neighbors

STOCKTON, CA – As a San Joaquin Farmer and Engineer for the state of California, I am well aware of the impact of state policies on the daily lives of San Joaquin residents. I am committed to advocating for job growth, business investment as well as transparent and fiscally responsible state policies.

I have a degree in engineering attended Delta College and San Jose State University. With over thirty years of experience in the engineering and administrative field, including twelve years as an engineer at the State of California Department of Water Resources dealing with distribution of water to cities and counties, I am experienced with the state of California bureaucracy in Sacramento.

As San Joaquin Farmer since 1982 and a member of the California Farmer Bureau, I have owned and farmed over 200 acres, growing walnuts, grapes, plums, cherries and vegetables. Also, I participated in California Agriculture Export Program, as the owner and operator of an agriculture business that exported hundreds of tons of California grown wheat and potatoes.

My Experience with the state of California and background in engineering, farming and international business will make it possible for me to bring state and federally funded economic development programs to San Joaquin County, as well as attractive foreign investment in the high-tech and agri-business sectors. Greater investment in our community will lead to higher property values, more jobs, better education and greater opportunity for all resident of San Joaquin County.

I am running for congress to make a change in the failed policies of our Federal Government in surrendering against Taliban in Afghanistan and accepting defeat as super power. Increase in homelessness, small business failures and increase in out-of-control prices in gas and food in our San Joaquin County, California.

With my International And Domestic Business experience, I will work to solve the homeless problems by providing shelters and jobs to effective to reduce taxes, improve Medicare system for older, improve social security system, improve foreign policy and bring back all manufacturing companies who left for china and other countries.

Make America economically strong and super power, which is a wish of each and every American.