K. Jeffrey lives in San Joaquin County with his family. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and experiences firsthand the real issues in communities due to multiple hurdles in his career and on political grounds. He works tirelessly day and night to ease the lives of people and assist them. He firmly believes that politicians should serve the people and be elected by the people.

    Jeffrey served for many years as a government employee in the CA Water Resources Department as an engineer. Even after retirement, he hasn’t ceased his efforts; instead, he has become more energized to serve his communities. He focuses his attention on reducing costs, advocating for homeless families, and addressing farmers’ issues.

    Washington needs problem solvers not the failure, bankrupt ideas of the past

    United Nations Security Council resolution 2720 passed On December 20, 2023 for humanitarian deliveries to Palestinians will not stop Israeli offensive and bring ceasefire, the risk of a broader Middle East war is rising.

    United States President Biden domestic policies which need to be improved

    1. Higher minimum wages
    2. Social Security
    3. Universal health care public education
    4. Subsidized housing
    5. Progressive tax system
    6. Infrastructure development
    7. Clean energy investment
    8. Economic development and job creation
    9. Free trade and markets









    United States was founded on promoting freedom and democracy and protecting human rights around the world. Three most prominent goals of American foreign policy are Security, Prosperity and creation of better world which includes diplomacy, military and security policy, international human rights policies, and economic policies such as trade policy and international energy policy.

    United States’ foreign policy under President Biden has miserably failed. In the case of the Ukraine war, US Administration showed sheer incompetence in fighting with Congress to give $61bn to Ukraine to keep Russia at bay. In the Middle East, United States’ repeated veto on the U.N. Security Council’s ceasefire resolution on Israel-Hamas war in Gaza has left our country isolated and in danger of losing the support of our allies. Our negative vote in the United Nations General Assembly resolution hurt our image internationally and made us look like partners in Israel’s ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and other war crimes. Out of the 193-member states of the U.N, only 13 voted against the U.N. ceasefire resolution. The U.S. was one of those 13 countries. Our image is badly tarnished as, in addition to the vetoes, our government has given Israel all those lethal weapons with which that country is committing the genocide of Palestinians. Israel’s war crimes have been caught on camera and shown to the whole world. Israel has openly defied our long-standing policy of a two-state solution of the problem. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other important Israeli officials have said openly that they will never allow a state of Palestine into being. Despite such insult to our government, the Biden administration continues to support Israel financially, militarily, and diplomatically. As a member of the U.S. Congress, I will work to restore our government’s prestige and respect globally. I will also devise legislation to make our country strong economically and a superpower in true sense of the word. That is the wish of each and every American

    Khalid Jeffrey Jafri was brought up to believe that one person, with courage and hard work can make a difference in this world. He has the commitment to stand up to powerful special interests and buck political pressure.



    STOCKTON, CA –As a San Joaquin farmer and engineer for the state of California, I am well aware of the impact of state policies on the daily lives of San Joaquin residents. I am committed to advocating for job growth, business investment as well as transparent and fiscally responsible state policies. To get my degree in engineering, I attended Delta College and San Jose State University.

    With over thirty years of experience in the engineering and administrative field, including twelve years as an engineer at the State of California Department of Water Resources dealing with distribution of water to cities and counties, I am experienced with the state of California bureaucracy in Sacramento. As San Joaquin Farmer since 1982 and a member of the California Farmer Bureau, I have owned and farmed over 200 acres, growing walnuts, grapes, plums, cherries and vegetables.